Team Alignment

One of the core principles of our company is to align our teams.  If we are going to function as a team we have to learn how each member of the team listens, learns, and responds.

We will dive deep to establish the philosophy and culture, and ultimately the “why” behind the practice.

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Systems and Protocols

We are all about goal setting and holding our teams accountable!  With that being said, we also believe in first creating concrete, duplicatable systems and protocols for every facet of the practice.

We believe that our team members should know and understand the functionality of each of their coworkers.  Having a team that is aware of  these custom designed systems allows for a happy team and a WoW!  patient experience.

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Clinical Coaching

Our team of coaches is compromised exclusively of dental hygienists.   We understand first hand the stress and frustration that can arise during clinical care as a result of unorganized chaos within the practice.

We believe strongly in getting our hands dirty and coaching in the clinical setting to help our teams fully grasp how to implement our program into real world practice.

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Our services range from monthly in-office team coaching, one-on-one individual coaching, to continuing education courses.  Our goal is to elevate your team onto the next platform with higher education, increased performance and optimal patient care in dentistry.

What sets DHE apart?  

We are clinicians who practice as Bale Doneen Preceptors and high risk periodontal therapists at the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC) of Central Ohio (www.haspcofcentralohio.com ). The HASPC is the first center in the country to have a cardiologist and dentist practicing the Bale Doneen method together in the same facility to bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry.  Due to the high-risk profile of the HASPC patients, we have developed a proven method to achieve the highest level of oral health possible for every patient!  Our oral systemic approach reduces or eliminates oral inflammation, one of the most significant root causes of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

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